Formogram Terms of service

These conditions constitute a contract between you and the company Appendus AB; Swedish Corp. ID 556955-5997 (hereinafter the Company). The company provides service Formogram (hereafter the Service) and functions for creating forms, collecting form data and presentation of analytics. By using the Service or any of the functions that make up the Service, you agree that your activity in the Service bound to the terms as they are presented as below.


Your account

To create an account in the Service, you must (i) accept these terms, (ii) provide a valid and verified email address, (iii) provide other information needed to create and manage the registration of your account. The company assumes that you will update this information continuously to keep the information accurate while the account is active. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your username and password. The company can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of information due to this condition not being fulfilled. You are also responsible for all material you submit to the Service and the activity that takes place within your account. This includes activity from any sub-accounts to your account. Personal information sent to and stored by the Service is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Access and restrictions

The Company hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and use the Service in agreement with these terms. Nothing in these terms gives you the right to transfer the rights to your account to a third party or other part who otherwise have no access to the Service. All rights not expressly granted to you by these conditions belong to the Company.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for the activity that occurs on your account is done in accordance with current legislation.

You agree to immediately inform the Company of suspected unauthorized use or access to your account, as well as other putative lack of security within the Service. You undertake at the same time to try to curb the unauthorized use immediately through updating passwords and/or username.

You are responsible for maintaining the technology needed to connect to and use the Service, and that this technology is compatible with the Service.

Corporate responsibility

Upon any damage as error in the Service, errors in the manual or the help text, interruption in service or force majeure, the Company may not be held responsible or liable for payment. The Company pays maximum return paid fee for the current agreement, this only when the company can be held directly responsible for the damage.

The Company has the right to shut down the service for updating and / or safety reasons.

Prohibited use

As a condition for using the Service, you agree to never:

  • Upload, post or transmit material that could be deemed illegal, defamatory pornographic, or deemed to infringe on any person or group integrity.
  • Prepare yourself as someone else or otherwise misrepresent your identity in connection with use of the Service.
  • Upload, post or send confidential or proprietary information such as usernames, passwords, license keys.
  • Upload, post or send material that may be considered unwelcome marketing (SPAM).
  • Copy reproduce or exploit parts of the Service without the written consent of the Company.
  • Give yourself access to, or make available information and data associated with other users of the Service.
  • Using the Service for illegal activity of any kind, including publication of material protected by copyright.

Payment and Refunds

A valid credit card is necessary for most types of subscriptions to the Service. The exception are subscriptions through invoice (where applicable). Free accounts have access to a restricted part of the Service and do not need to disclose credit card or billing data. Subscription to the Service is charged monthly and no payments will be refunded. There are no credits or part-repayments when you upgrade or downgrade your account, or on accounts that have not been used during the payment period.

You will be billed directly for the first month (30 consecutive days) in connection with upgrading to a paid subscription to the Service. After you have upgraded to a paid subscription and do not cancel your subscription within 30 days, your credit card will be charged monthly starting on the 30th day after you first upgraded your account to a paid subscription. When upgrading or downgrading to a paid subscription, your credit card is always charged directly at the upgrade, and on a monthly basis after 30 days in unity with the price of the current paid account plan.

If your account is on a paid subscription and you exceed the account quota regarding the number of respondents per payment period, a charge of 1,00SEK (exchanged to EUR or USD in current rates when available) per respondent in addition to account the plan's scope will be charged. The cost will be charged to your credit card at the end of the pay period. On free accounts, all active forms attached to the account will be closed automatically when the maximum number of respondents reached for the month.

If your credit card can not be charged for any reason (like the validity period is expired or no coverage) your account is downgraded to the free account plan, and a notice is sent to the account's primary e-mail address (username). When the account is downgraded to the free account plan, there may be loss of access to content, features or capabilities associated with the use of the service. The Company takes no responsibility for losses associated with the downgrade of the account to the free account plan.

All charges are made in Swedish kronor (SEK), Euro (EUR) or US Dollar (USD).

Receiving payments through your form

The Service provides the opportunity, via external partners, to charge the respondents in connection with the submitting forms. Responsibility for the safety and operation of pay-service associated with this function in use is exclusive of the external service provider selected by the user for the form.

With the use of the function to receive payments through your forms you agree to the User Agreement that applies for the selected external payment service. See further information when logged in the Service and on the selected external payment services website.

When using the function to receive payments in your forms, the Company charges a fee (commission) per transaction. This only applies to the initial transaction carried out when the form is submitted, and not for any reimbursements and other subsequent transactions. Charged commissions can not be refunded. Depending on the external payment service selected, this external payment service might charge you a commission for the the transaction. If applicable the fee is deducted from the total amount associated with the transaction.

Violations of these Terms

The Company reserves the right to investigate, act on, and report breaches of terms. You understand that the Company has no obligation to save activity, monitor or connect to your account, but are entitled to do so if the Company determines that the need for this arises for the individual account. Furthermore, you understand that the Company owns the right to delete respondents, media or other information that is considered to violate these terms or is considered offensive in any other way.

Account closure

You are solely responsible for closing your account with the Service. An account can not be closed by phone or email. To close your account, use the link located under Account Settings logged into the account. Closure of your account will result loss of access to the account, and all information associated with your account will be deleted from the Service. This information can not be recovered by the Company after your account has been closed. Note that the Company may hold portions of the information associated with the account after closing if the information stored in periodic backup features that apply to all accounts linked to the Service. The Company will remove this information periodically the expiration time for the saved backup information is passed.

Closure of your account is immediate. If your account is a paid subscription, no refunds of unused time remaining on the current payment period.

Deleting accounts

The Company owns the right to close free accounts who have not obtained new respondents and / or have not logged in within the space of six months, or if the Company feels that the account violates these terms.

Terms of Use and pricing changes

The Company owns the right to modify or close (temporarily or permanently) all or part of the Service without prior notice.

Prices linked to paid account plans is subject to change with 30 days notice. Notices for updated prices will be within the Service, and by email to relevant accounts.

The Company can not be held responsible for any effects that pricing changes or closing of the Service may cause you as the holder of an account with the Service.

The Company owns the right to update and modify these terms without prior notice. Changes will be communicated via the Service and by email to all active accounts. By continuing to use the Service after the updated terms and conditions, you agree to the changes made to the terms.

Last updated 2019-03-01
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